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An all-in-one platform that makes keeping up-to-date with immunizations easy



My Role

Research, Ideation, UI/UX, Visual design, Prototyping, User testing, Video editing



6 weeks

(May - June)



Figma, Adobe XD, Illustrator, Photoshop, After effects, Premiere

As immunization schedules are routinely updated, many people find it increasingly difficult and troublesome to keep track of their own and their dependents’ immunization progress. 

Routine vaccines prevent diseases that can cause severe complications or even death, however, many children remain under-immunized.

“A total of 5,063 public elementary students were suspended in Toronto this school year after getting caught in what one doctor called, a ‘1970s-style, cumbersome process’ over immunization records.”

- Fatima Syed, | Toronto Star

The Design Challenge

How might we simplify the immunization process from start to finish, so that it's more convenient and accessible?


Immuno is a mobile app platform where tracking and keeping up to date with immunizations is made easy. The key features of Immuno include the ability to simultaneously keep track of multiple vaccination records, access and update such records, and schedule appointments easily for upcoming immunizations. A vast database of resources is also available to users who want to learn more about vaccines and related illnesses.

4 (1).png
Web 1920 – 3@2x.png

Our Approach

Phase 01

Research: understanding the problem space and empathizing with our users

Benchmark Analysis

We began by conducting market research to understand the current products being offered and the areas of opportunity we could fill.

1 (6).jpg

User Interviews

After understanding the current market opportunities, we proceeded to conduct user interviews. We talked to different parents, pharmacists, and other involved individuals in order to identify key pain points.


View our full user interview process here.

From the research, we were able to gain 6 key insights, which we then translated into possible features to be implemented. Here is a summary of what we found:

Web 1920 – 2@2x.jpg

Developing Personas

To summarize our research and findings, we created a PACT analysis as well as 5 user personas, which helped us synthesize our research and create our user scenarios.

13 – 1@2x.jpg

Information Architecture

To begin the ideation process, we first wrote down all the features we wanted to include and then used the MoSCoW method to sort each by priority. Through this process we were able to consolidate all of our ideas into a system requirements chart, which helped us to create the IA:

YSDN 3006@2x.png


Taking the established IA, we began sketching out various ideas for the app layout. This process took multiple rounds of reiteration, referencing our research and feedback from our professor, however, by the end, we had a solid base to begin the prototyping process.

Group 26@2x.png
mid-high fi GIF.gif

Visual System

After completing the mid-fidelity wireframes and compiling our UI research, we were able to summarize the vision for our brand identity with 4 key terms:

  • Playful

  • Trustworthy

  • Engaging

  • Clean

We then proceeded to establish a style guide, which helped us keep consistency throughout all of our high-fidelity prototypes.


Animated Illustrations

To go along with the playful part of our brand, we decided to bring more life into our illustrations by animating them in After Effects.


User Testing

We got the opportunity to conduct a few remote user-tests through zoom to gain insight and feedback. Through this, we were able to catch and reiterate and errors in our flows and prototype.


View our full user testing process here.

Taking the insight we gained from the user tests, we implemented a series of changes that addressed each issue. Below is a summary:

1 – 11@2x.jpg


Simple & friendly onboarding experience for first-time users when creating an account

ok copy.png

Schedule Appointment + Add a Record

View recommended vaccines and easily schedule an appointment + keep track of all vaccination records in one place

ok copy.png

Nearby Clinics

Search up nearby clinics by vaccines and book appointments directly through the app

ok copy.png


Keep track of all vaccination appointments and upcoming schedules

ok copy.png

Travel Vaccines

See recommended vaccines and information on related illnesses 

ok copy.png


Having the opportunity to work with a team of other talented designers on this extensive application, definitely helped expose me to a diverse range of perspectives and ideas that I would have never otherwise thought of. One of my favorite parts of our design process was getting to test our application with real users. Through this process, we were able to reiterate any details that we may have missed, as well as validate the usefulness of certain features. 


If we were to do this project over, we would definitely want a developer and a medical professional involved in the design process. Since we were just a team of designers, we didn’t have much knowledge on the technical feasibility of all the features we were proposing. Having those opinions would help bring Immuno closer to being a realizable application.


Future thoughts:


  • Incorporate a developer and medical professional into the design process

  • Further user test on a broader audience

  • Animate all the illustrations within the app

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